Expert and Skilled Providers at Your Fingertips

As a premium and accessible virtual care platform offering prevention, health education and whole-person community support, our mission is straightforward:

Eliminate health disparities by connecting you to providers you know and trust to deliver the care, resources and support you need to improve your overall health.

For insurers, hospitals and health systems, medical groups and employers, this means higher patient engagement and most importantly, better health for everyone.

Meet Our Medical
Group Leaders

MyOwnDoctor provides patients access to a diverse group of experienced, licensed providers specializing in a wide array of medical disciplines. Meet the leaders of our medical group:

Dr. Paul Jones, MD
CEO, Medical Group
Linda Golar Blount, MPH
CEO, Population Health
Dr. Richard Watson
Medical Director, Virtual Care
Dr. Jay Weems, Psy.D
Medical Director, Mental and Behavioral Health
Dr. David McFadden
Medical Director, Nephrology
Dr. Angela Marshall, MD
Internal Medicine

Join Our Medical Group

We are always looking to add new providers to our skilled medical group. Complete the form to get more information and find out how you can help MyOwnDoctor guide patients on their path to better health.

Leadership You Can Count On

Each with an average of 25 years experience in healthcare and business services, the MyOwnDoctor executive team is equipped with the knowledge, bedside manner and business acumen to curate quality, trustworthy and reliable virtual care services for patients.

“We are patients too. As doctors, we too believe that doctors whom we know and trust can provide us with the best care. We created MyOwnDoctor to connect all patients to the doctors they know and trust whether that's an existing provider or one from your own community.”

Dr. William Payne, MD

Co-Founder MyOwnDoctor