Stressed about making rent? Can’t take time off to see a doctor? Looking for a new job? Tired of the emergency room wait? Ready to feel better in 2023?
Care Navigators can help!

This new resource
from Aetna Better
Health® of Illinois
MyOwnDoctor can:

1. Schedule virtual visits
2. Make in-person appointments
3. Help you with rental assistance
4. Help you get food for yourself and your family
5. Find a job
6. Get help to make healthy lifestyle changes—lose weight,
quit smoking, manage diabetes, and more.
7. Connect you to community resources for help with
a wide range of health and life challenges.
Your Care Navigator
can help with a lot.
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What can you do with the MyOwnDoctor app?
Download for Apple or Android and see how easy it is to schedule a virtual visit!
Schedule virtual
doctor visits.
Meet with your doctors
on video with ease.
Message with
your doctors.
Take classes with health
and lifestyle coaches.
Your Care Navigator and MyOwnDoctor will help you take control of your health, your wellness, and your whole life.
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