Putting Patients on the Path to Better Health

At MyOwnDoctor, we understand how much of a game changer telemedicine is in creating win-win-win situations for patients, providers and payers.
How we help image

Patients win

with access to quality virtual care and prevention health education.

Providers win

with the ability to stay connected to patients they’ve built relationships with.

Payers win

with increased health outcomes and reduced care costs, to name a few of the benefits.

A Suite of Services for the Whole Person

Employment status, family stressors, food insecurity, loneliness, and caregiving responsibilities are just a few of the things that can derail treatment plans. A patient’s health can’t be separated from their life. So we don’t. Our suite of services addresses both health and social issues—so patients thrive all the way around. These services include:


Primary and Specialty Virtual Care

Virtual Consults

Through our network of healthcare providers—called Virtual Physician Associates—members can schedule virtual appointments with top primary and specialty care providers (including mental and behavioral health) and chat with their doctor using secure messaging. MyOwnDoctor connects members to providers they know and trust, whether that’s a provider they’ve seen for years or one who shares their lived, cultural experience. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution integrates the personal brand of the physician, medical practice, and medical system to further reinforce that trust and comfort.

Care Coordination

Members with complex needs have a dedicated Care Team of providers to help coordinate their care, better manage their illness, and improve health outcomes.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Members receive a home Connected Device Kit (blood pressure cuff, glucometers, and more), so their Care Team can monitor their vitals and health status.

Care Coordination with Remote Patient Monitoring

Members who are chronically ill with the highest need receive both care coordination services and remote patient monitoring to reduce hospital admissions and ED visits, as well as to complete key health assessments.


Culturally Specific Care

MyOwn Doctor is the first to offer culturally competent virtual care through our Black Telehealth and LatinX Telehealth platforms. Data and research show that positive health outcomes increase dramatically when Black and Brown patients are seen by Black and Brown providers. Black Telehealth and LatinX Telehealth make it easier for members to connect with providers who look like them, understand their lived experience, and better engage and treat them.


Care Navigation & Community Support

Patient Engagement
We increase engagement by connecting members to Care Navigators who come from their community and proactively help to guide their healthcare journey. Care Navigators connect members to healthcare providers, as well as to community partners and resources as a way to address social determinants to their health.

Community Resources and Referral
Our platform connects members to our partners—a network of trusted community-based organizations—to address social determinants of health and their needs as a whole person with wrap-around social services and support.


Population Health

Members can access MyOwnDoctor’s library of over 20 digital population health courses—including a CDC-approved Diabetes Prevention Program. Culturally competent courses are developed for and tailored to specific audiences and are taught by health coaches from the community of the audience.


Branded Virtual Practice

Our Software-as-a-Service solution integrates the personal brand of the physician, medical practice, and medical system that members already know and trust for a more seamless experience.